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~ Spa Services ~

Imagine, you can drift away on your own cloud of tropical paradise! Maybe, you will choose to share this extremely relaxing experience with someone special. Which ever you decide you will awaken feeling deeply rested and rejuvenated!

Aroma-Steamy Sauna & Massage Combination~$65*Couples Aroma-Steamy Sauna & Massage Combination~$130
Body No-Wrap~$50

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Aroma-Steamy Sauna

Dr. John Welbes, Director of the college of Massage Therapy in Omaha, Nebraska recommends steam baths in the treatment of cellulite, finding it superior to ace bandage body wraps in raising tissue temperature. “Body Wraps are very slow,” says Dr. Welbes, “it may take an hour to achieve the same temperature increase that you can get in about
10 minutes in a steam bath.” According to Dr. Welbes, the heat helps loosen the fatty tissue so that it is less solid and can more easily be broken down.

“My clients just glow after a Aroma-Steamy Sauna treatment. I can’t believe how much younger and more relaxed they look after just a single steam session. Their skin is silky smooth and much more youthful looking.”

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