To whom it may concern,

I was in a horseback riding accident approximately six years ago, in which I broke my back. Although the injury wasn’t as severe as it could have been, I had to undergo major surgery and two years of physical therapy. One problem that scores of specialists and countless tests could not cure was my reoccurring migraine headaches. I had been told that it was something I would “just have to live with.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Evora (owner) through a mutual friend on a night I happened to have a migraine – and for the first time in six years, she was able to relieve it without any medication! I have been to more than one treatment with Evora and my headaches are drastically reduced. It was not uncommon to have three or four headaches in one week. I am pleased to say that in the last month, I have only had two.

Besides this, Evora has been working to help me regain some strength in my left leg which suffered the most damage in the accident. For the last two months I have had the confidence to do aerobic exercise and I have been working out every other day. These things that I am now doing are not only amazing to myself, but to my family and doctors as well.

I am very impressed with Evora’s knowledge – she is extremely thorough in her diagnosis, and has a strong grasp on human anatomy. I can think of several applications in the manufacturing industries where skills such as Evora’s would be very valuable. She would be very capable of treating employees with Cumulative Trauma Disorder, Carpal Tunnel Disorder, Sprains, Strains, Long Term Back Injuries, and would even be able to work with safety managers in assessing ergonomic work station designs.

I have recommended her to many people that I know. In my work as a production manager, I am hopeful that we as a company will look at her skills and bring her on board so that we can practice preventing injuries in the workplace before they become documented – and eventually eliminate them.

Tina Van Harn
March 9, 1996

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