To Whom This May Concern,

I am a self-employed Residential Home Builder in the Holland area for the last eight years. Being a sole proprietor doing a great deal of the framing, and trimming myself, I was devastated three years ago when I injured my back.

During a three month span, I went to see doctors and had a series of tests done. The conclusions of these tests were to get out of the business, receive cortisone injections, and/or risk the possibility of being a candidate for back surgery in the future.

On that note, I decided to stay in the occupation I do know and enjoy – Risking the possibility of the back surgery, I took more than my share of pain reliever and spent evenings with an ice pack on my back.

Then while I was doing work for my dad…I met Evora, a therapeutic care giver. Asking
if I had ten minutes, she gave me a quick dose of Acupressure Massage. I was very skeptical of something I knew very little about. However, after the first treatment, I noticed a big difference in the amount of pain I was feeling. This welcomed relief lasted about two days, as she stated it probably would on the first visit.

After the second visit, the pain stayed away for almost a week! Each time after that, relief lasted longer than the first. I have had four one hour sessions now and have not had to take any pain reliever for about four weeks!

I am not an expert on why it worked for me, but I am very satisfied in my investment and its return. I only wish that the therapy would have been a suggested option three years ago.

O. Sankey

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