You tired of the belly fat, gets old real fast huh! Did you know that there are some foods that you can eat that may help bust that fat up? I will list a few for you, ready to be able to enjoy eating and have the bonus of “Fat Busting?” Here goes:

1. Avocado
2. Coconuts
3. Romaine Lettluce,
4. Spinach
5. Rice(if you must have butter and sugar…use a smige.)
Ok, so one thing that I can tell you from personal experience is, use common sense! No eating loads of these foods at a time~the old thought of “If some is good, then lots is better, is NOT a GOOD PLAN…Slow down and enjoy the experience of letting your body do what it was designed to do. Listen to your body, some of the foods listed may not be what will work for you as everyone is an individual.

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