Evora’s Spa Soaps~Why Are They So Special?

Wish I could download what I know about the Evora’s Spa Soaps into every one’s brain but, that is just not possible. Therefore, I will just put a few facts on this blog for you to consider what we are crowing about.

Did you know that the Evora’s Spa Bar shimmers in the light?
Not just any soap shimmers in the light, but the Evora’s Spa Soap does. Our soaps are hand-made, wild crafted and cold processed so that you end up with a luxury soap unlike any other one on the market. That’s right, our soaps shimmer because of their extremely high quality. Our bars are further wild crafted to be castile. Ultimately, the natural glycerine is retained in our bars as they are wild crafted, and then our retained glycerine draws moisture from the air and seals it into your skin and that makes you feel even more incredible when you wash up. Evora’s Spa Soaps~The Natural Answer!

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