Evora’s Spa~ Pre & Post Shaving

Shaving Pre-Treatment

Take things up a notch with Evora’s Spa Calendula ~Hand Lotion or Spa Soap.  If you need a particulary close shave or if your skin is super dry or your hair is super coarse or if you need to shave more than your norm, Evora’s Spa Calendula ~Hand Lotion or Spa Soap is the key for not stripping your skin.

Take a few minutes before shaving, apply and massage a thin amount of Evora’s Spa Calendula ~Hand Lotion on to the areas to be shaved or gently lather up with your  Calendula Spa Soap.  Now, get ready to enjoy a luxuriously silky & gentle shave with your wet razor and Evora’s Spa.

Hand Lotion Post-Treatment

If you didn’t put the Hand Lotion on before shaving, you can still enjoy its fabulous feel afterwords.  A little Evora’s Spa~ Calendula Hand Lotiion massaged in after your luxurious shave, especially when the skin is still slightly damp, gives a long-lasting  silky smoothness.

Apple Valley Health Foods in Holland MI retails the complete line of Evora’s Spa Hair & Body Care .

The following stores retail the Evora’s Spa Therapy Soaps~ Apple Valley Health Foods in Berrien Springs MI  *Harvest Health Foods in Hudsonville MI  *Harvest Health Foods/Eastern Ave., Grand Rapids MI.

You may also email evora@thewellnessspaonline.com for more information

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