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We have been trained  by Western medicine to use synthetic, toxic drugs that suppress symptoms. Doing this makes us feel better in a few hours.  And this process of covering up a symptom has been mistakenly understood as a return to health. But HEALTH IS NOT THE ABSENCE OF SYMPTOMS.   Your path to health will be deliberate and thorough; but it will not be completed by noon tomorrow.  Yet we will assist your body to un-develop what has been developing over months or even years.  This is what we call true health.

During your health assessment, we will look at your iris and sclera (white part of your eyes) and will throughly evaluate them, looking for lines, marks, and colors that lead us to more information about your health.

We will also use Muscle Response Testing (applied kinesiology) to ascertain levels of vitality as well as the effectiveness of possible herbal remedies or body therapies.  Body therapies are therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, emotional and energy balance, meridian alignment, and others that are listed on this page.

Other methods of assessment are face and tongue analysis, as well as looking at your skin and nails.

SERVICES:                       BODY WORK THERAPIES:             REMEDIES:


Therapeutic Massage      


Digestion issues               Craniosacral therapy      Essential oils

Pain relief                    Energy balance     Varies

Fatigue                        Emotional release balance       Bach flowers


(a form of therapeutic  massage)

Massage & Steamy Wonder
Sauna Combination

Farinfrared Body Wrap

Meridian alignment

Also more services

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